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Click on the arrows at either end to view the slide show of Renee's pictures.

Welcome to the Munson Family Web Site


We would like for you to view our web site and tell us what you think by clicking on the "Contact Us" button before you leave.  All pictures are thumb nails, a single click will make the pictures expand.  All pictures are printable and make excellent prints should you elect to save one to your hard drive.   The intent is to provide a pictorial view of each member of the Munson family from early childhood to the present.  We will be  adding additional pictures each month as pictures are scanned.   

On the Sofa from left to right is:
Renee, Sonya, Desiree & Angela
Robert & Robert

The Picture was take in Angela's sister's house in Spain


Please wait as you select a page to view.  These are high resolution pictures and it can take up to 20 to 50 seconds on a 28.8 baud modem.

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