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Santander, Spain
Guess Book

Angela in Santander1.jpg (66548 bytes) Angela in Santander3.jpg (77697 bytes)Angela in Santander4.jpg (78668 bytes) Angela in Torrelavega2.jpg (74606 bytes) Angela's home town Torrelavega
Santillana.jpg (70998 bytes) Angela in Torrelavega4.jpg (63521 bytes) Angela in Torrelavega1.jpg (80965 bytes)
Angela in Santander5.jpg (66250 bytes) Angela_in_Santander6.jpg (68960 bytes) Angela in Santander7.jpg (61975 bytes) These pictures were taken at the restaurant pictured lower left in the city of Santander.

The two pictures to the left is the Post Office and flower market in Santander

Angela in Santander9.jpg (69661 bytes) Angela in Torrelavega6.jpg (65870 bytes) Angela with Sisters4.jpg (79668 bytes)
Angela Potes4.jpg (75587 bytes)Angela Potes7.jpg (98099 bytes) Angela Potes5.jpg (71446 bytes) Angela Potes6.jpg (92819 bytes) Pictures taken in Potes
Angela with Sisters1.jpg (76431 bytes) Angela with Sisters2.jpg (87248 bytes) Two different towns in the Providence of Santander.
Santillana with Desiree.jpg (77132 bytes) Angela - Desiree in some6.jpg (81152 bytes) Angela - Desiree in some7.jpg (78591 bytes) Pictures taken at Santillana, the oldest city in the north of Spain.
Angela - Desiree in some3.jpg (70571 bytes) Angela - Desiree in some4.jpg (67266 bytes) Angela - Desiree in some1.jpg (78321 bytes) Angela - Desiree in some9.jpg (73746 bytes)
The city of Santander, the three pictures on the left was taken at different points along a five mile board walk that run the full length of the beach.
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