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5-star reviews are important because they provide businesses with an indication of customer satisfaction and give potential customers insights into the quality of products or services offered. Plus, 5-star reviews can help businesses gain trust and credibility in the market. At Birdeye, we value an authentic review ecosystem and seek to help both customers and businesses to see real reviews. With Birdeye, you can send review requests to your customers automatically.

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On Fiverr, the popular freelance marketplace, you can book gigs for as little as $5 – and it's incredibly easy to use. You can compare a variety of sellers based on reviews, quality, and price to find one that works for your brand. But can you get a decent product video for less or do you need to pay more for better quality? Because I chose most of the elements in the $60 ad myself, I knew what to expect. However, this freelancer added in a few extras, such as a product sizing chart and an animated logo at the end.



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