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Santander, Spain

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This is the church that Maricen was married in. Santander4.jpg (63061 bytes) Santander5.jpg (72562 bytes) Some sites of the city of Santander
Around Santander6.jpg (65375 bytes) Santander8.jpg (45747 bytes) A fishing town and beach near by.
Around Santander10.jpg (51926 bytes) Around Santander11.jpg (45553 bytes) Around Santander13.jpg (49727 bytes) This is the area where we purchased property to build a house.  The river and beach is only a mile from the site.
Santillana1.jpg (73654 bytes) Santillana2.jpg (71351 bytes)Santillana3.jpg (78591 bytes) Santillana4.jpg (66463 bytes)Santillana7.jpg (91995 bytes) Santillana is the oldest city in the north of Spain.  Construction was started in the 14th century.  Most of the homes are no later than the 1600's.
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